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Season 3 Winners_ Spring Look


JUNE 7 - 9, 2024

Adolphus Hotel, Downtown Dallas

Season 3:
Top Models of the Year

Season 3 Winners - Bebe's & Liz

Photos by: Moda Chic PhotographyPhotography

HMU by: Team: Team Makeup Mel/Get Glam w/Cait/Erin Milkay

Styled by: Bebe's & Liz Boutique, Winter Park, FL

Photos by: Dinesha LaShay Photography

HMU by: Team: Dinesha LaShay Beauty

Season 3 Top Models of the Year (L to R): Above

Jr: Chloe Stewart (AL) |  Petite: Poppy Blue (FL  

Overall Top Model of the Year: Olivia Payne (TX)

SR: Kylie Calvo (NC)  | Supermodel: Eloise Sproul (KY)

Avyn Ray
Top Model Magazine's 
2023 Model of the Year
Meet Top Model Magazines Top 23 Models of 2023

BODY NEUTRALITY.... through the lens of Dinesha LaShay

Body Neutrality is when you can safely LOVE who you are from the inside out and when you no longer tolerate body hatred or body shaming, and love every ounce of your body and self - mind body and soul. Body neutrality allows us to understand and see ourselves and others as human beings first, and see our worth, value, and identity for who we are on the inside and not what others see on the outside.  It helps us peel away the many layers of what society constantly is telling us and how society has made us believe our outer appearance is the measure used to define us.

Through LaShay's lens her vision was to show us can view life
objectively: we can proudly use our beauty and appearance to show our confidence, pride and internal beauty so that would then translate to an external flame that cannot be extinguished.  Appearance, size, color, hair texture. all may vary, because we are all uniquely and wonderfully made but they don't define us And they certainly don't speak to our character, shape our personality or lifestyle, or dictate the way we deserve to be treated or the life we deserve to live.

These images are a brief glimpse to how beauty has NO BOUNDARIES and through the lens of the talented Dinesha LaShay, who had a vision of stripping down models to be neutral with their surrounding and each other and allow their natural beauty to shine through - show that together, beauty, when true and pure, is uplifting and empowering.  It transcends culture, race, size, religion, political affiliation and social economic barriers.  Body Neutrality....... proof that beyond the likes and follows, dollars and privilege  - we can all get back to being pure beautiful beings - it's all about what lens you choose to be viewed and view others through.

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